The Liaison Crisis Response Unit of the KSF set off for a field exercise in Denmark

Pristine, 25th March 2012 – Today, on25th March 2012, 40 officers and non-commissioned officers of Liaison Crisis Response Unit of the Kosovo Security Force, set off for one week training in Denmark. The ceremony of leaving organized at barrack “Adem Jashari” of Land Force Command  where were present; Commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Lt. General  Kadri Kastrati, General Secretary of Ministry of the KSF, Mr. Shkëlzen Syla, dep/Commander of LFC , Brigadier General Gëzim Hazrolli, etc.

On this occasion, Commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Lt. General Kadri Kastrati expressed to be overjoyed .Today is a special event for the Kosovo Security Force because three days ago we sent a platoon of the KSF to Republic of Turkey for Peace Support Operation and this is the second time for us to send a complete Unit (40) abroad to be trained in order to give our contribution to Peace Support Operation throughout the world. The Liaison Crisis Response Unit goes to Denmark for a collective training therefore I would like to make special thank to Denmark as for this donation and contribution provided in increasing capabilities of the Kosovo Security Force.

After realization  of full operational capabilities , day by day the KSF is showing to be a professional force , Force which is not only for the good of the people of Kosovo but , also to give contribution in various operations throughout the world. With our performance, we are showing that the KSF is leading towards integration into NATO and this is one of the contributions of Denmark which for us has a high importance and value because the KSF, everyday is showing to be fulfilling standards of overall countries which are members of NATO.

Training of Liaison Crisis Response Unit in Denmark is made possible due to the work and close cooperation with Danish monitoring militaries, Lt.Col Gjon Flarup, Major Eluf Pedersen and LtCol. Holger Fuglsang, who during their mandate are engaged in professionally stand –up of the LCRU, during this ceremony for going to Denmark of this Unit were present LtCol.  Holeger Fuglsang who has merits for this training by saying that: the purpose of this exercise is preparation of the Unit to respond in crisis situations in order to assist citizens of Kosovo in emergencies cases and other natural disasters etc.I believe that the Unit for Crisis Response of the KSF during its exercise in Denmark will gain a lot since they do have standards procedures like all the other NATO countries learns.

Crisis  Response Unit  (44 members )in Denmark will have  a training  (from date: 25th March up to 1st of April), at Danish Agency Center for Crisis Management (DEMA) headed by Defense Royal Ministry of Kingdom of Denmark .The training will be headed by dep/dean of college ,LTC. Martin Tomoson
This exercise will be supported with personnel and logistic by Danish Army Forces. It is a good test for CRU to work with UNDAC model as international standard for crisis management said commander of the Unit, LTC. Shemsi Syla.


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