43 members of the First Battalion of RRB completed two –months training with armored vehicle “KOBRA”

Pristine, 24th June 2016

A barrack “New Born” of the First Battalion of RRB in Gjilan, 43 members of the KSF completed successful training:” Driver, maintenance and tactical movements with armored car” from Turkish mobile team “

Attended certification ceremony: Dep/ Commander of Land Force Command (LFC) Brigadier Gen .Gëzim Hazrolli, Commander of Rapid Reaction Brigade, Col. Geci, Commander of Turkish Land Force in Kosovo Col.Bagci, Military Attaché of USA, Col. Chad Butts, Turkish Attaché, LTC Ozdemir; LTC  Alkilinc; Commander of the First Battalion of RRB , LTC Haki Xhemajli as well other officers and NCO`s of this Batatlion.

BG  Gëzim Hazrolli, Dep/Comamnder of LFC    spoke on importance and need of the KSF members to make operation with a armored vehicle . He congratulated members of the first Battalion of RRB for the work and commitment achieved in this direction while having training with Turkish mobile teams thanking them for the work and their commitment in Kosovo. At the end Gen. Hazrolli requested from the members of the First Battalion that gained knowledge to be passed successfully to the other KSF Member.  

On this occasion, Col. Geci thanked the course participant, instructors and all those who helped on flow and successfully completion of this training. Also, he added that with results of this training, we area achieving to make instructors form this area who in the future will become capable to help these training.

Whereas Commander of Turkish Land Force in Kosovo, Col. Bagci thanked all participants by expressing satisfaction for results shown during this training with members of the first battalion.

For the success achieved during this training, instructor were honored with gratitude whereas trainers with certificates.

After ending of ceremony: Gen. Hazrolli, Col.  Geci, Col.i Bagci, American Attaché, LTC. Ozdemir and Alkilinc demonstrated a march with armored vehicles “Kobra” in the premises of the First Battalion. 


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